The YP(SM) Local Ad Network

The YP Local Ad Network

A Single Source for Local Ads

The YP Local Ad Network provides mobile and online publishers access to one of the most comprehensive sources of local ads, from over 500,000 advertisers1. A sales force of thousands2 —one of the industry's largest— ensures that the Local Ad Network provides locally relevant ads from advertisers across 4,600 business categories. The YP Local Ad Network's cross-platform distribution network spans across online, mobile and IPTV channels.

Local Mobile Ad Network and In-App Local Ads

With over 1 billion local mobile ads served monthly, it's now easier than ever for mobile publishers to tap into the YP Local Ad Network to increase revenue.

In-app local ads are easy to integrate and enable publishers to serve locally targeted mobile display ads based on a user's location. Early results yielded eCPMs three times higher than those of comparable ad network sources.3

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More Than 300 Publishers, Including:

YP properties, AOL, Yahoo!, CityGrid Media, Pinger, Pandora, IMDb, AccuWeather, Handmark, Layar, Where, Telenav, WhitePages and more...

1 Ads from Internet advertisers accessible via YP, formerly AT&T Advertising Solutions and 3rd party relationships, as of May 2012
2 YP products are supported by a sales force from YP, formerly AT&T Advertising Solutions, and other resellers
3 As reported by Pinger on its Textfree with Voice app Pinger Case Study