Big Data, Local Relevance

December 4, 2013

    From a search for a business, to the aisles they roam in the store, to the goods and services they purchase, customers’ activities are becoming user profiles, cookied paths and stored purchase histories that help real-world businesses to track them – as much to retain customers as to make that customer experience better suited to the individual and less frustrating.

    • Key takeaways focus on making data achieve positive ROI for marketers
    • Which tools and technologies are available to help stores better understand their customers’ buying behavior
    • How to use big data to help stores acquire customers
    • Which data sources are being integrated into digital marketing tools
    • Examples of how these tools and information are being used to get the right message to the right customer at the right time

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Local Discovery in the Multiplatform Era

August 20, 2013

    Marketers will avoid waste and achieve stronger ROI by applying targeted campaigns across devices that reach consumers at the right time on the devices they are using at that moment. Join Greg Sterling of Opus Research and Search Engine Land and Sanjay Sood of YP to gain a better understanding of this landscape and best strategies for success.

    Key takeaways from this free webinar include:

    • Latest data on shifting consumer behavior across platforms.
    • ‘Multiplatform’ marketing: From the desktop to the mobile device; how they work together and on their own.
    • Most effective marketing approach by type of business.
    • The biggest challenges and obstacles in this multiplatform era.

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The SMB Guide to Choosing a Business Listing Partner

July 25, 2013

    In this session, David Mihm, Director of Local Search Strategy at Moz brings data and insights to a discussion with Deepak Thakral, VP of Ad Platforms at YP.

    Key takeaways include:

    • Understanding how using a breadth of channels for business listings is essential for strong local search ROI.
    • The important role mobile plays in business listings results.
    • How and why outsourcing a business listings strategy and implementation to a partner is not just efficient - but far more effective in driving new business.
    • Side-by-side comparison of partners.

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Mobile Optimization Trends Among Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

May 21, 2013

    Smartphone penetration is around 50% of the population, but fewer than 5% of small businesses have websites optimized for those potential customers. Join Asif Kahn, of the Location Based Marketing Association, and David Williams, Vice President of Demand Generation at YP for a discussion that intends to helps providers understand the state of the SMB customer base in terms of awareness of the issue, budgets, and what they need to provide to satisfy their own customer base.

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How Media Buyers Buy Hyperlocal

March 14, 2013

    Mitch Bernstein, Director of Client Strategy at neo@Ogilvy, discusses the media buyer's view on hyperlocal, including a do's-and-don'ts section on interactions with vendors; case studies of hyperlocal campaigns; and insight into the challenges that media buyers are trying to solve with hyperlocal. In a Q&A session following the presentation, Mitch will be interviewed by Onil Gunawardana, Executive Director of Product Management & Marketing at YP, as well as take questions from the audience.

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Using Social, Advertising & Behavioral Data for Better Customer Experiences

February 5, 2013

    Since the days of print, content has dominated the way that people discover new places and products. But in recent years, the expansion of the mobile platform has given rise to another powerful tool: data about places, times, devices, individuals, and every action taking place within a device or those connected to it. The coupling of these two has brought about data-rich socially driven content that forms the baseline of a competitive edge in local search and discovery.

    In this webinar, local search expert Andrew Shotland of and Sanjay Sood, VP of Consumer Platforms at YP, will focus on three case studies that represent the ways local marketing platforms can best implement content and data to improve their SMB clients' business results.

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Making Mobile Ads Pay

April 26, 2012

    Hyperlocal advertising represents an important new monetization opportunity for mobile publishers and app developers. Compared to ads that are not geotargeted, hyperlocal ads can produce higher clickthrough rates and yield higher effective CPMs (eCPMs). However, while one in three companies place mobile ads, only half of those ads are localized. Join GigaOM Pro analyst Dr. Phil Hendrix and David Kurtz, VP of Publisher Products at YP, formerly AT&T Interactive, for a webinar on the hyperlocal mobile ad space, complete with case studies and metrics. The conversation, moderated by David Card, VP of Research for GigaOM Pro, also presents a framework for evaluating and getting the most out of local mobile ad networks.

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Mobile Websites for Small Businesses

August 23, 2011

    The mobile media landscape is constantly evolving with more internet traffic going mobile. Consumers are also searching and transacting with mobile more. But how do small businesses keep up with this explosive growth in mobile internet usage? What are the trends, facts and mobile best practices for small businesses that need to create mobile-optimized versions of their websites? Join Garrett McGrath, Sr. Product Manager, YP and Rajat Khurana, Vice President, Sales, Duda Mobile, Inc. in this insightful webcast that will discuss recommended methods for easily 'mobilizing' a website. The webcast also plans to provide valuable data and key research from the company's extensive mobile website portfolio. Don't miss this webcast!

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SMB Online Video Marketing: From Video Production to Getting It Seen

June 27, 2011

    Video is a valuable tool that local advertisers can utilize for brand identification, driving traffic, and providing online visitors the ability to "get to know them," before they set foot in their business. Join Art Chompaisal, Sr. Business Manager, YP, John Wallace, Sr. Director, AOL Content Platform, and Doug Marrs, AOL Content Platform, as they outline best practices on creating an SMB online advertising video and publishing it effectively on the web. Sign up for this upcoming webcast!

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Turbo Boost Your Local Campaign with Display Banner Advertising

May 23, 2011

    While people consume 38% of their media online, local awareness budgets are still focused on non-interactive media such as TV, radio, billboards and print. Display banner advertising, however, has rapidly evolved due to the technological advances related to real-time bid ad exchanges. Join Onil Gunawardana, Executive Director of Product Management, YP in a discussion and learn how local advertisers can harness the power of exchange based display banner advertising to turbo boost their campaigns.

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SEO 101 for Local Businesses

April 25, 2011

    The YP SEO team will discuss how to drive organic traffic to small business websites through cutting edge SEO methods and strategies. Join Danny Dover and John Cole for insights on cutting edge SEO methods and strategies in this compelling webcast.

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3D Immersive Local Advertising

December 6, 2011

    As smartphones and tablets become mainstream, consumers seek more engaging online experiences before visiting local businesses. How do local advertisers meet these multi-platform using consumers at these critical touch points? Please join and Matthew Goldman, Executive Eirector, product at YP and Jim Schoonmaker, CEO of EveryScape, Inc., to learn about how interactive photo-realistic imagery and virtual tours can help consumers discover and learn about your business.

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Monetize Mobile Apps

January 18, 2011

    Mobile advertising is getting more local, resulting in better eCPMs for mobile publishers and a better experience for users. Join a discussion with mobile advertising industry leaders Chetan Sharma of Chetan Sharma Consulting and Will Hsu, Chief Product Officer at YP as they address the future of mobile advertising and how mobile publishers can monetize their apps.

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