Executive Team

Sudheer Sahu

Senior Vice President of Engineering

Sudheer leads all engineering development efforts for YP. This includes the technology powering the company’s advertiser products and delivery, advertiser platform, enterprise data systems, and the consumer platform and experience.

He joined YP in 2009, overseeing search, data and application services and was most recently VP of Engineering for YP’s Consumer Division. He brings a decade of vast experience in building large-scale data, search, personalization and recommendations systems. In addition, Sudheer holds many patents for data storage and search related systems, and has expertise in information retrieval, machine learning, data mining, algorithms, and distributed systems.  

Before joining YP, Sudheer was a software engineer for Microsoft at the company’s headquarters in Seattle, where he worked on Bing’s search engine ranking and spellchecker.

Sudheer earned a PhD in computer science from Duke University, focusing on nanorobotics, algorithms, fault tolerance and graph theory; and earned a B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology) degree in computer science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi.

Sudheer lives in San Diego with his wife Sandeepa and daughter Renee.

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